Lesson 7 communication

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Let’s study sending a radio message

Activity1: Learn the phonetic alphabet which is useful for the military communication.

1. The Phonetic Alphabet          

Certain letters of the alphabet sound very similar, especially when I person is talking on the phone or radio. The phonetic alphabet is designed to prevent confusion, by using a distinctive word to represent each letter.

Aa                   Alpha                        

Bb                   Bravo                         

Cc                   Charlie                      

Dd                   Delta                          

Ee                   Echo                          

Ff                    Foxtrot                                   

Gg                   Golf                

Hh                   Hotel                          

Ii                      India                          

Jj                     Juliet                         

Kk                   Kilo                            

Ll                     Lima                          

Mm                  Mike               

Nn                   November                 

Oo                   Oscar                         

Pp                   Papa                          

Qq                   Quebec         

Rr                    Romeo                      

Ss                   Sierra                        

Tt                     Tango                        

Uu                   Uniform                     

Vv                   Victor                         

Ww                 Whisky                      

Xx                   X-ray  

Yy                   Yankee                     

Zz                    Zulu

Activity 2: Please check out following link and answer the following questions. You can choose more than one answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfM4CMSr0TM

1. What would be the interference that weakens the radio communication?

a. Unfamiliar dialect or accent              c.  Distance of the receiver

b. Insecurity situation on ground          d.  all above


2. What do we use over radio communication to simplify receiving and sending information?


3. What kind of aspects increase when we use the NATO phonetic alphabet increase

a. Message readability                         c. Timing

b. None of above                                  d. All above

Activity 3: Look at the example and learn how to send radio message. When we send radio messages, we use certain procedure and simplified words.

Example #1

V20: Hello D4. This is V20. SITREP. Over

D4: D4. Wait. Over. …

D4: D4.  Send. Over.

V20: V20. Message. Incident began at 0742 hours.  Still in progress. At 0742 hours, an unmarked van was observed close to our position parked on the bridge over the River Q at grid 428075. We believe the gunmen are inside. Over.

D4: D4. Say again grid. Over

V20: V20. I say again. Grid 428075. Over.

D4: D4. Roger. Can you approach the van? Over.

V20: V20. Negative. We have open ground between us and the bridge. Over.

D4: D4. Roger. Continue observation and report again at 0800 hours. Acknowledge. Over.

V20: V20. Wilco. Out.

Please check out following link about the Canadian military communication training.


Activity 4: Now match the words with the definitions.

1. Is my signal strong and clear?

2. The person calling.

3. This is the end of my transmission. I’m waiting for your reply.

4. I received your message.

5. This is the end of my transmission. I don’t expect a reply.

6. I’m moving in a vehicle from (place).

7. I’m moving in a vehicle and I’m going to (place).

8. I’m getting out of the vehicle. I won’t be in radio contact.


a. Closing down

b. Destination

c. Mobile from

d. Out

e. Over

f. Radio check

g. Roger

h. This is

New vocabulary- Шинэ үгийн сан

Acknowledge-мэдээ авсан эсэхийг батлах

Affirmative-батлах, тийм

Approach-ойртох, дөхөх


Clear-цэвэр сонсогдох

Close to-ойр байх

Continue-үргэлжлэх, үргэжлүүлэх


Destination-хүрэх газар

Grid-газрын зураг дээрх солбилцол

In progress-үргэлжлэж байгаа

Incident-хэрэг явдал, тохиолдол

Loud-чанга сонсогдох


Negative-үгүйсгэх, үгүй

Observe-ажиглах, тандах

Open ground-тэгш тал

Out-холбоо дуусгах, гарах

Over-хариу хүлээх

Radio check-холбоо шалгах

Read back-дахин унш



Roger-мэдээ зөв авсан

Say again-дахин хэлэх

Send-мэдээ хэлэх, дамжуулах

SITREP-situation report- цагийн байдлын илтгэл

Speak slower-удаан ярих



Wilco-холбоо хаах дуусгах


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